Delia  Lee  Handwoven  Textiles

Made in Scotland

My love for textiles came early as a child in Brazil, where I spent long and happy hours with my mother and aunts sorting coloured yarns to knit and crochet.

Today, the inspiration for my range of handwoven products comes from nature - the beautiful Scottish landscape where I have lived for 20 years and my native Brazil, with its exuberant colours – along with strong influences from Bauhaus weavers.

I am passionate about sustainable, high quality fibres and even more passionate about weaving with them. I use fibres that have a minimal impact on the environment, with lambswool and merino being the most important. Other favourites are organic cotton, silk, linen and bamboo. Wherever possible, I source yarns from the UK and love to travel to the Outer Hebrides for their special wool. Using the best quality ethically sourced yarns isn’t cheap, but it adds immeasurably to the end result, how it feels to the touch and how I feel about it in my heart. My hope is that you will feel the same.

Weaving is a slow craft, but that’s part of the attraction. Each piece is handcrafted with love, care and attention to detail.

The design process starts with some photography around a particular theme. Then I manipulate the images, looking for pleasing combinations of colours and graphic elements, exploring composition through drawings and paper collages, working on the proportion of colours with yarn wrapping, then refining the design ideas on graph paper.

With the design taking shape I decide on the weaving structure that will best translate my design into a textile, and then the maths begins.  This is the part where I bring in one of my other passions – numbers. In Brazil I studied economics at university and I'm actually glad that there are lots of numbers involved in weaving.

Since I graduated in textile design from Glasgow School of Art in 2015 I’ve been working from my home studio using a computerised loom. Although this sounds very modern, a lot of the weaving process is still done by hand and takes time and concentration.

I’d love to introduce to you to my weaving and hope you enjoy seeing some of my current work.

Delia Lee Silva

I saw her cushions, then I touched them,and then I had to buy them, and now they make me smile every day. Beautiful fresh textile design - very high quality material and authentic workmanship - a rare combination of values these days. Very Highly Recommended!

                                                                                                             -  P.BANCROFT